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Privacy Terms

These terms define the way and amount of collecting personal data on visiting and using this website and any function it is offering.

  • By signing up for a user account on this website you hereby declare to agree with these privacy terms and their application on all personal data you provide implicitly and explicitly when visiting and using this website and its included functionalities.
  • Furthermore you declare to be entitled by a sports club to provide personal data on member athletes of that club on behalf of those athletes for the sake of enrolling athletes in featured competitions as participating competitor.
  • As a user of this website you declare to be responsible for protecting your account's username and password in all conscience to prevent any abuse of personal data available to you as an authenticated user. You acknowledge not to share any information with third parties but keep them secret and safe.
  • Please send any written enquiries regarding collection of personal data as well as making objections to these terms in general or the gathering, storing and processing of personal data in special to the website's hoster named above by email or by surface mail.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

This website is designed to explicitly collect personal data of athletes intending to participate in upcoming featured competitions as part of preparing organization of those competitions. A single exclusive user account per sports club is required to manage member athletes of that club and enroll them in a competition as desired.

Amount of Collected Personal Data

Any sports club is entitled to sign up for single exclusive user account requiring provision of these information:

  • a unique username, which might be included with public views of website depending on actual application or functionality,
  • a sufficiently secure password,
  • a valid email address and
  • a sports club to be associated with the user account.

In addition any user may provide special arbitrary display name to be used instead of username on public views of website.

Managing a club's member athletes requires provision of either athlete's

  • first and last name,
  • sex,
  • year of birth,
  • body weight,
  • grade and
  • its relation to the sports club as a member.

On enrolling in a competition records of athletes intending to participate in a competition are put into relation with that competition. Only after that participating athletes' information is included with public listings of competitors consisting of these information per competitor:

  • first and last name,
  • sex,
  • body weight,
  • grade,
  • the preliminary classification regarding age class and weight class and
  • the membership in a sports club.

Usage of Collected Personal Data

All collected personal data is stored on webservers basically exposed to the public internet. In all conscience data is protected against theft and abuse as well as illegal access by third parties. Except for the use cases described below or for the sake of storing and managing data online any collected personal data is neither assessed or processed nor sold or exposed free of charge to third parties.

Any data must be stored until the end of competition. After that this website enables any user to remove personal data of athletes provided before implicitly removing it from the website and the servers used to run it.

The website's hoster is liable for damages due to theft or abuse of collected personal data in case of unintendedly granting access on data by acting negligently, only.

All personal data on athletes who have enrolled in a competition will be exported and downloaded by organizers of competition for storing offline and importing into special software used to run the competition. This software is subject to additional privacy terms covering commitment to provide personal data of competitors to the software's distributor for the sake of long-term statistical assessment. These privacy terms are available for download from this website: (in German, only).