This website enables sports clubs to manage their athletes and register them for competing in selected competitions.

Create user account

Click on „Register“ in the upper right menu. A form will open which needs the following information:

  1. club: Choose a club from the list. If your club is not in the list, please contact
  2. login name: Take a freely chosable but unique username.
  3. password: Choose a password and confirm it in the second row below.
  4. display name: This field is optional. If you leave it blank, the username chosen before will be shown automatically.
  5. email address: Please give a valid e-mail-address here.

Now click on the button „Register“ to finish your registration. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the given e-mail-address. After having clicked on the confirmation link in that e-mail you can log in to the system by clicking on „Login“ in the upper right menu. Now you can register your athletes and enrol them for a competition.

Manage athletes

To enrol athletes to special competitions you have to register them first. Therefore after having logged in click on „Athletes“ in the main menu. You can see a list of all your registered athletes here. On first opening the list it will be empty of course. Click on the „plus“-symbol at the end of the list to add a new athlete. A form will open which needs the following inputs:

  1. sex: Please choose from the list if the athlete is a boy or a girl.
  2. first name: Give your athlete‘s first name
  3. last name: Give your athlete‘s last name
  4. year of birth: Choose your athlete’s year of birth from the list here. The age class will be calculated automatically.
  5. weight: Give the current weight for your athlete. It will be used to get the fitting weight class.
  6. rank: Choose the kyu -/DAN-grade of your athlete.

By clicking on the Button „Create“ a record for your athlete will be added to the list above. Repeat this process to add all your athletes.

Enrol for competitions

To enrol the added athletes to various competitions now, click on „Competitions“ in the main menu. Here you see a list of all available competitions. By clicking on the „pencil“-symbol next to the requested competition you enter a list of your athletes, who are already enrolled to that competiton. On first opening, the list will be still empty.

Below this list you see a pick list which shows all your previously registered athletes. By clicking on a name you choose the athlete. Next you can choose the discipline, such as fighting, ne-wasa etc. The next field „age class“ is set automatically. You need to provide age class explicitly if you wish to register your athlete for a different age class than his own, only. You cannot choose an age class, that is below the athlete’s current age. For a regular registration clicking on the button „Register“ is sufficient. The chosen athlete will be added to the list of competitors above. He is now officially enrolled to the competition.

To have your athlete enrolled to further weight classes you must set the check mark in field labelled „additional“. The Athlete will be added to the list again, but is marked as „incomplete“, until you click on the „pencil“-symbol next to the athlete’s record and set the new weight class by hand. This can only be done if another valid weight class is available.